Let´s go for a ride…


June 2016

Let´s make it stop.

I know this blog is supposed to be the place where books reviews, experiences, opinions, etc., will be exchanged, however I cannot close my eyes (or tie my hands) to what happened in Turkey.

Terrorist attacks happen, unfortunately, every single day, in many cities of the world, killing innocent people and tearing families apart forever. But today I want to talk about Turkey. I have a lovely friend who is Turkish; she left her family and came to Spain to study, to live and build her life here. When I read about the attack, I felt so worried, angry, I felt so sad for her… I am not saying this attack was more shocking to me because of her, because I would be lying, but it is much  weirder when it is this close. Fortunately no one she knows was hurt, but many people lost their lives and other many got hurt, and I cannot imagine the suffering of those families. Continue reading “Let´s make it stop.”


“Sister”, from Rosamund Lupton

What would you do if your mother called you one day, from the other side of the ocean, to tell you your sister had disappeared?

Beatrice did not hesitate: she flew to England to find out what happened to her younger sister, Tess, a young and beautiful Arts student, passionate about life, loved by everyone around her, and more than that: her best friend in this life. Tess´ disappearance is not only the trigger for Beatrice´s search for her, but also the start of an emotional search for Bee´s inner self; it is an emotional thriller that reserves a not completely unexpected ending, but a surprising one, after the plot has led you through detailed considerations and descriptions about the relationship between siblings emotionally-wise and the way we sometimes do not comprehend our surroundings, while we thought we had them completely understood. Continue reading ““Sister”, from Rosamund Lupton”

Let´s talk about books reviews…

So as I told you before, I was going back to my Kindle life, and my first task was to download a book that would not discourage me to continue to this path – the electronic reading. I had a book in mind, but I wanted to have other options in case I found it was too expensive to buy it in the Kindle version rather than in paper (then my entire plan would be ruined!). Anyway, I accessed Amazon´s website and got completely lost with all the titles available there, and I found it difficult to filter by genre, so what I did was that I googled the book I wanted to read. And the first website on the search was “GoodReads”! … I accessed it and I personally liked the way the genres were separate, as well as the fact that the reviews were much more organized, in my opinion. So I decided to register myself. Continue reading “Let´s talk about books reviews…”

Let´s go for a ride?

Reading is like travelling: it allows you to visit different lands in different periods of time, it allows you to explore planets never ever visited before, and you can meet new people and their most inner thoughts without even seeing their faces… It may take you into pleasant and light trips or it may drive you directly into a dark alley and make you feel afraid of the dark, but at the same time willing to solve a mystery or a crime. It is a universe of possibilities, and what amazes me the most is the fact that you do not need different visas, different passports or to speak different languages: all these worlds, all these trips, they are there, inside a bunch of sheets of paper (or inside a Kindle)… and the best is that you can come and go as many times as you like, and spend the time you want on each one of those trips. Continue reading “Let´s go for a ride?”

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