Reading is like travelling: it allows you to visit different lands in different periods of time, it allows you to explore planets never ever visited before, and you can meet new people and their most inner thoughts without even seeing their faces… It may take you into pleasant and light trips or it may drive you directly into a dark alley and make you feel afraid of the dark, but at the same time willing to solve a mystery or a crime. It is a universe of possibilities, and what amazes me the most is the fact that you do not need different visas, different passports or to speak different languages: all these worlds, all these trips, they are there, inside a bunch of sheets of paper (or inside a Kindle)… and the best is that you can come and go as many times as you like, and spend the time you want on each one of those trips.

However, nowadays there are so may options that we feel lost; it is difficult to pick up a book to start reading when you do not know the author or when it has not been recommended by someone you know… And another point: I used to consider myself an “old-school” reader: I liked paper books. Real paper. Not kindle. Not iPhone. Not computer. The real book, with that smell that only the recent-printed books have. But the truth is that I did not have any more space at home for buying new books, and due to some other fact$ I was not able to buy them as frequently as I used to do back in my home country.

So last year I was shopping with my husband and week and I was freaking out because I wanted so bad to buy a real book, but we could not afford it at the time (not that we were that poor, but I was not yet working and we could not afford this “luxury” at the time). He then started to insist that I used my Kindle, because he had never seen me reading there… I tried to explain to him my “old-schoolness” but he said that I could choose to do it or not to read. It was tough, I know, but it was the best thing he did to me: indeed I had not read anything in my Kindle for about 6 months, and it was a pity that it was not being used. Also, the prices for Kindle books are very competitive, and it took me 6 months again for me to go back to it: and I am completely amazed.

I decided then to do something I last did at my 5th grade: register in a “social network for readers” called GoodReads, and there I realized how interesting it would be to exchange experiences about a common passion: books! But I will talk about this community later.

The first book I bought through my Kindle was the “Sister”, from Rosamund Lupton, and I must say I loved it (I will write a review later on). And it took me 8 days (I´ve been in better shape, but that was good for a start! lol).

Well, to sum up, the aim of this blog is to exchange experiences about the books I am reading (and that I have already read in the past). I am no expert, just a book lover, and I do not receive any payment for doing so – it is really a passion.

I really do hope I can give a guidance in any way, and that people can also suggest me interesting readings so we can all get to know different fantastic places!!! So let´s go for a ride?