So as I told you before, I was going back to my Kindle life, and my first task was to download a book that would not discourage me to continue to this path – the electronic reading. I had a book in mind, but I wanted to have other options in case I found it was too expensive to buy it in the Kindle version rather than in paper (then my entire plan would be ruined!). Anyway, I accessed Amazon´s website and got completely lost with all the titles available there, and I found it difficult to filter by genre, so what I did was that I googled the book I wanted to read. And the first website on the search was “GoodReads”! … I accessed it and I personally liked the way the genres were separate, as well as the fact that the reviews were much more organized, in my opinion. So I decided to register myself.

I will tell you a little bit about GoodReads, and of course it not only has good things, it has some improvement points, too. When you first access it, you answer a brief survey about yourself, reading-wise; the genres you are interested in, the books you have already read, and you can have a list of books you want to read – for me this was extremely useful, far way better than my “wish lists” throughout the bookstores´ websites.

There are also three super cool things: one is that from your answers and from the books you have read (and its authors), they suggest you new titles… I am not sure whether there are lots of sites like this, but it is the first time I saw it lol! The second thing is that you can propose yourself a Reading Challenge: you say how many books you want to read this year, and it keeps telling you your progress in achieving the goal. Again, it was the first time I saw something like that and I found it super great! The third is that lots of authors are registered there, and I love to see their reviews, because it motivates me to read new authors, new titles…

So, going back to my saga, what I did: I searched for the books I wanted to read, checked the reviews and then went to Amazon to get them. And the first one that caught my attention – and the first one I read through the recommendations of GoodReads was “Sister”, from Rosamun Lupton. I will write its review on my next post, but I can tell you beforehand that you should read it, specially if you like thrillers! And the reviews were very accurate in my opinion.

Now I have a new favorite website; I will never ever download a Kindle book again before checking at GoodReads!

Again I highlight I do not get any sort of payment for writing about it; I just wanted to share something that worked pretty well for me!

Hope you access it, add me as a friend and exchange your opinions about great trips you made through worth-reading books!