I know this blog is supposed to be the place where books reviews, experiences, opinions, etc., will be exchanged, however I cannot close my eyes (or tie my hands) to what happened in Turkey.

Terrorist attacks happen, unfortunately, every single day, in many cities of the world, killing innocent people and tearing families apart forever. But today I want to talk about Turkey. I have a lovely friend who is Turkish; she left her family and came to Spain to study, to live and build her life here. When I read about the attack, I felt so worried, angry, I felt so sad for her… I am not saying this attack was more shocking to me because of her, because I would be lying, but it is much  weirder when it is this close. Fortunately no one she knows was hurt, but many people lost their lives and other many got hurt, and I cannot imagine the suffering of those families.

Although I am no one to judge, I cannot get it… Terrorists (and they may be linked to religion or not, as we all know) don´t seem to have a concrete purpose… There is no negotiation, there is no talking. There is exploding; there is killing; their ideology is terror, their weapon is violence, and I cannot see what they earn with this. I truly do not share the idea that all this violence can be rewarded with a place in “Paradise”, whatever and wherever it may be. I am not judging their faith (and by faith it is not only religion, it may be politics, culture, etc.), what I am criticizing is the label they all use just to instigate violence and terror. This is nonsense to me.

I remember that when I was a child and I watched a horror movie or a war movie, I was glad to go to bed when it ended, because I knew it was over as long as the TV was off. Nowadays, every time I watch a horror movie, a war movie, etc., I go to bed feeling scared, because it can happen anytime, anywhere, and you cannot do anything to protect yourself or the ones you love.

The world needs to cool down; and for that, people need to cool down – to be more tolerant towards differences, to respect more instead of trying to make everyone change their minds. Differences are healthy; discussing ideas is so enriching, it is so important for our own evolution… and still what we see is a culture of indoctrination, of standardization… and this will lead us to failure. If you do not like something, if you do not agree with something, just do it your own way; killing in the name of your belief does not make it more accepted. It does not prove your faith/belief is better.

Again I apologize for taking this space to talk about this, but I do believe that if each one of us do our part, this “tolerance chain” could make a difference. If it doesn´t, at least it will harm no one. I come from a country with a lot of problems, but no terrorist attacks per se – violence, yes, but no bombings, for example (it is equally terrible, although not comparable, I suppose). So I am not trying to paint the world in pink just to cheat on myself and think things will be alright in the blink of an eye, but my point is that we need to have a start point to try to convince people (our governments, mostly) to intervene to make all this horror stop, otherwise we are doomed.

My prayers and thoughts are with my dear friend, and with all the Turkish people. That the families can find comfort and relief, and that the souls of the victims can find the light and rest in peace. And I also pray for all those suffering with attacks and terror in Africa and in the Middle East. To all those places where children are raisend amongst hate, intolerance and deathm where elderly cannot retire in peace after a lifetime of hardwork. Where mothers cannot see their children grow up old enough to study, to build families, and so on. I hope we (and by “we” I mean the people and ALL the leaders with the power to solve all this) do not take too long to realize that all this violence is leading the human race to its ruin.

And I refuse to tag this post with “terrorism”, “horror” or anything related to it, because this subject does not deserve any audience at all. 😦