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July 2016

Finished, by Anne Holster

Hi, guys!

Hope you are fine!

I believe all of us have good memories of our high school/college years, no matter our countries or “clans”; it is a time of our lives most of all will remember tenderly. Continue reading “Finished, by Anne Holster”

Culmination, by Holly Smith

Hello, everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Today I finished Culmination, by Holly Smith, the second book I received in exchange of an honest review.

The plot is built around a sudden event that made the world (and any kind of organization our society had ever known) collapse. People who had never ever worried about such events were caught by surprise, but not Ilana and her brother, Ethan. They were much more than prepared for an “TEOTWAWKI” (the end of the world as we know it) event, but they needed people who shared their same views so they could be successful – and survive. Continue reading “Culmination, by Holly Smith”

The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill, by Sean-Paul Thomas

Hello, there!

As I had said previously, I am glad to have received, for the first time, a copy of a book in exchange of an honest review!

Do you still believe in fairies? Continue reading “The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill, by Sean-Paul Thomas”

Books in exchange of an honest review

Hey, guys!

Hope everyone is fine!

I am just SO excited to receive my first copy of a book in exchange for a review!!! I would really like to thank the author for that, as I am having a really good time reading his book!(I will disclosure all the details on later posts!)

Also, I received 3 more requests, and I know it may sound super silly for some of you who do that more often, or who are already used to that, but for me it was amazing, and I am super excited! It is a real honor for me!

So I will post them shortly, but I just wanted to say this in advance lol! 😀

Hope you are all having such a great week as I am!

See you soon!


Only the Innocent, by Rachel Abbott

Hey, there!

Today I finished a very good book – Only the Innocent, by Rachel Abbott.

Mr. Hugo Fletcher had, as everyone has, his secrets. What he was not aware was that although he was a very famous, altruist and charity-involved man, lots of people wouldn’t be sad if he was gone.

Continue reading “Only the Innocent, by Rachel Abbott”

My favorite lady writer

Hello, everyone!

Today I do not have any reviews or comments; I have gratitude to be expressed towards my favorite author of all times – a lady that would be celebrating her 125th birthday today, and that made me love thrillers – Agatha Christie. Continue reading “My favorite lady writer”

Gray Shadows (Russian Bodyguard Mysteries Book 1)

Hello, there!

I thought this day would never come, but I have a negative review to write =(

It is Gray Shadows (Russian Bodyguard Mysteries Book 1), from Julia Gousseva.

To be really honest, I am feeling bad that apparently I am the only one who did not think this book was this good… According to Goodreads it was almost 4 stars, and I just read good reviews! Continue reading “Gray Shadows (Russian Bodyguard Mysteries Book 1)”


Neil Gaiman being Neil Gaiman – amazing, incredible and making me believe in fantasy. The first book I read from him was “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”, which I got as a Christmas gift once… I read that in a day, too, because I couldn´t let go of it.

Continue reading “Stardust”

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