Today I would like to talk about a book I finished devouring last Friday: The Girl In The Ice, from Robert Bryndza.

I actually think I will have to rank down Sister, because this book really has me eager for more of DCI Erika Foster and well elaborated thrillers. lol

Not sure whether I am the only one, but I feel I can’t write that much of a thriller book in the review – it feels like it contains spoiler if I do so lol.

So DCI Foster, our investigator and main character, is called back to London to help solving the murder of the daughter of a very important man, and she will face a lot of struggles to be able to keep her investigations, despite her strong will and determination to solve the case.

What seemed, at first, a regular murder case, turned out to be a very deeper story, with many more variables and intrigues. The book starts as one of those regular thriller stories, but in this one I did not have a suspect since the beginning… It took me a lot of pages to start elaborating the profile of my suspect, and I confess I changed my mind a couple of times and I just found out who the killer was in the end.

I am eager to read Robert Bryndza’s second book, which also has Erika Foster as a main character – it is called The Night Stalker.

Hope you have a chance to read it, and tell me what you think!

Have a great week!!!!