Hey, there! Here we are again!

I have just finished reading the Lanvin Murders – Book 1 from the Vintage Clothing Mysteries collection, from Angela Sanders.

Joanna owns a vintage store in Portland, and her life starts to get upside down after she finds a key in the pocket of a Lanvin coat an old women sells her. This woman is found dead, afterwards, and this is where the “thriller” begins.

It is definitely not a deep and dense thriller, that makes you think who the murder is and every time something happens you wonder whether this or that could be the killer. It is a fresh book, very cozy and you cannot stop reading it, and I really enjoyed going through it; the way the author describes all the vintage environment of the store, the way Joanna dresses, it really pleased me. There is also a potential romance-to-be in the air, so it also makes the reading pleasant – I must confess sometimes I was willing to know the end of the romance rather than the end of the case lol.

Also, a lot of things seemed not to be explained by the end of the book (Eve´s store, what became of Remmick, Andrew, Nina and Troy). I am not sure whether these are answered on the next two books, but anyways I felt like I wanted to know more about the other elements of the story.

On Goodreads I read a lot of people criticizing Joanna´s personality, but I personally think there was nothing wrong in that sense… Honestly.

So, although it is not a deep murder investigation book, as I was not expecting, it is quite a quick read because it really gets your attention. Recommended, but I must warn you it is a “comfort-reading” rather than a real thriller. I would, however, read the sequence undoubtedly.

See you on the next trip!