Hello, there!

I thought this day would never come, but I have a negative review to write =(

It is Gray Shadows (Russian Bodyguard Mysteries Book 1), from Julia Gousseva.

To be really honest, I am feeling bad that apparently I am the only one who did not think this book was this good… According to Goodreads it was almost 4 stars, and I just read good reviews!

So the story is about a Russian bodyguard that is assigned to a mission that is to protect a rebel teenager, daughter of a very important banker, on her job in the very North of Russia as an interpreter.

The book has also a bunch of parallel stories, and some of them not contributing in anything to the main plot… also, the relationship with his wife and her possible new boss are not well described and it seems an amateur book (I feel really bad to write this, but this is how I felt reading it).

I struggled to get to the 85% of this book, and this is when it starts to get good… In my humble opinion the story is too shallow, there are lots of mixed stories that are not really relevant; I also thought most of the dialogues were not that interesting…

I hope to read another book from the author and then change my opinion, because this one was tough to read.

So, have anyone read this and has a different opinion?? Would love to know it!

See you around!