Hello, everyone!

Today I do not have any reviews or comments; I have gratitude to be expressed towards my favorite author of all times – a lady that would be celebrating her 125th birthday today, and that made me love thrillers – Agatha Christie.

The link below is a Spanish article about her, her books and her birthday, and one some things that I was not aware about her were:


  1. She received a lot of “NO´s” in the start of her career. For me this means that you should never ever give up on your dreams, because even these amazing people have been denied sometime in their lives (Steve Jobs, Agatha Christie, and so many others);
  2. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was voted as the best thriller of all times by the “Cinema Writers Association”, and this makes me even happier, because it was her first book I read, when I was around 9 (and I could NEVER – and will never, probably – forget it);
  3. Her favorite “killing method” (for the characters, of course) was the use of toxic substances, and it is believed that she knew well how they worked due to her job as a nurse during the WWI. This reinforces the idea I have that you should only write about something REAL when you understand how it works – I explain: if you want to describe a character with a real disease, for example, you should understand how it is for real. Otherwise it loses credibility (at least for me).

Of course, the above items are based in my opinion and in my personal beliefs, they are not rules.

So I would simply like to wish her a happy day, no matter where she is, and thank her for introducing me to this wonderful literary genre, that would become my favorite ever since.

For those who like her, which of her books is your favorite?

Un saludo,