Hey, there!

Today I finished a very good book – Only the Innocent, by Rachel Abbott.

Mr. Hugo Fletcher had, as everyone has, his secrets. What he was not aware was that although he was a very famous, altruist and charity-involved man, lots of people wouldn’t be sad if he was gone.

So, the story is basically about the investigation of the death of a man, who was found dead on his own bed in very suspicious circumstances. But we are not referring to a regular man; it was Mr. Hugo Fletcher, a millionaire who dedicated his life to charity, specially concerning young girls from the Eastern Europe, who were victims of the prostitution smuggling.

When he appears dead, the investigation starts from the obvious premises, but as his secrets are revealed, the plot has a very intelligent, intriguing and breathtaking turn.

DCI Douglas drives us with his sensitiveness through this murder investigation, and lead us through the discoveries of the darkest secrets a human being can have, and through Mr. Fletcher’s ex-wife narratives, the truth is gradually revealed and the horror of the depth of the human bizarre natures is exposed to a maximum level.

One of the best thriller books I have read, with a sensitive way of taking us through deep and shocking matters, and with a much more than surprisingly end.

The book also makes us reflect about emotional abuse, violence and sexual perversion, family relationships and friendship. A complete book, I would say.

Also, I really enjoyed Rachel Abbott’s way of writing, and in a way it really reminded me of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, from Agatha Christie. It is really worth reading it, and I will definitely read the next 4 books about DCI Douglas.

Hope you have comments or suggestions, and wish everyone a great week!