Hello, there!

As I had said previously, I am glad to have received, for the first time, a copy of a book in exchange of an honest review!

Do you still believe in fairies?

I suppose all of us have, for some time in our lives, believed in them, in their world, how did they live in there, what did they eat, etc. But as our lives go by, we just stop thinking about these worlds and creatures as we are concerned about our own existence.

Liam, a Scottish teenager, was absorbed in his own miserable life after his father´s passing and his mother´s inability to move forward, meets Lucy, his new neighbor, and while they were sharing some of their common tastes, the “fairy” subject comes up, and they both state they do not believe them anymore.

The day after, Liam is literally taken by G, a young fairy, to her world, and then the adventure begins through this magic world, with fantastic creatures and characters.

The Fairy Boy of Calton Hill is definitely a book for the younger teenagers or children – I believe our 13-year-old teens would think it is too childish for them, although I have enjoyed it a lot – specially from the second part onwards.

And also, I NEED to have the second book released soon, because I am dying to know what happened to G, to Liam, to Hank, Boon and also Lucy! There are answers I need to have!!! lol

A very delicate book, but if you think it is a shallow narrative, I will just disagree: more than once I felt Liam’s sadness and his struggles upon situations with his mother or Lucy, or even G, so it is a pretty sensitive work in this sense.

Definitely recommend it, but as I said above, to younger children.

See you soon!