Hello, everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Today I finished Culmination, by Holly Smith, the second book I received in exchange of an honest review.

The plot is built around a sudden event that made the world (and any kind of organization our society had ever known) collapse. People who had never ever worried about such events were caught by surprise, but not Ilana and her brother, Ethan. They were much more than prepared for an “TEOTWAWKI” (the end of the world as we know it) event, but they needed people who shared their same views so they could be successful – and survive.They were lucky enough to find those people, and that is when the story truly begins.

So, have you ever wondered what you would be willing to do in order to survive? Would you break your own beliefs and convictions, if this meant you would be kept alive? What is the price you would be willing to pay?

This book embraces these questions and some more with no euphemisms: each page is a shock and makes you wonder what you would do on the characters’ shoes. It is a strong book, with some explicit sex and violence scenes, so any issue was addressed strictly to the point, which was shocking for me in some of its parts.

My only issue with the book was that it became too unrealistic sometimes, with some characters simply accepting tabus with no further questioning, saying “ok” and nodding, but with no further explanations. In my humble opinion, the book could be longer, but dive a bit deeper in some issues instead of making the characters (most of the time) simply agree with everything. However, the end really surprised me and I liked the book; I even think, truly honestly, that this book could be adapted into a movie. It would be a huge success!

So I do recommend it, but as I said, I just finished it wanting to have read more difficulties from Ethan and Ilana in convincing others about some issues.

Has anyone read it and has a different opinion or point of view? I would love to know it!

Have a great week, everyone, and see you soon!