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Today I will write about The Other Side Of Him, a book from Alice Rene, that I received in exchange for an honest review.

This book talks about an abusive relationship, and I just wanted to say that this is a subject that mustn´t be taken for granted. I am sure all of us have, unfortunately, seen at least one case of abusive relationships that ended with someone dying, and it is a shame but maybe we have at least once judged the couple and thought “wow, but why didn´t he/she say anything?”, as if it was the easiest thing to do. However, many people feel ashamed to speak out about it, and most of the time they think it is their fault; that they had done something to piss their partner off, and that they should take care of everything on their own and not tell anyone about the abuses or about how they feel.

I hope after reading this book people judge less and try to help those who find themselves in the middle of such relationships to get out of it – although not easy, because people tend to be defensive of their relationship, sometimes the correct approach towards this subject means everything.

So, going back to the book…

Which woman in the world wouldn´t like to be in a relationship with a successful, elegant, polite and charming man? Who took you to sophisticated places, opened the car door for you, presented you to his family? I suppose most women would love to be in this position. But what if all this behavior was a mask on his real self?

Claire, a young woman who worked real hard to finish her education and pursue her dream career despite all her circumstances, sees herself dazzled by Greg, a successful doctor that treats her like a princess – his own princess. However, as time went by, she began to see the other side of this man, and what she saw was more than terrifying.

The Other Side Of Him, from Alice Rene, is, in my opinion, a masterpiece: it talks about abusive relationships in a very direct way, and if this is shocking from some standpoint, on the other hand you can find comfort from the other book characters. I finished this book exhausted; I lived every moment with Claire as if I was there, and felt compassion towards her, I felt bad for all the times I heard people misjudging any woman that has ever been through an abusive relationship – these types of relationships can damage you psychologically much more than physically, and it can take a longer time to heal.

Frankly, I am out of words to thank Alice Rene for sharing her book, and I do recommend it with no doubts.

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