Hello, there!!!

It has been a while since I last posted any review, and I felt really bad about it! The thing is that I was struggling to get to the end of the book I was reading =(.

So, this is my first review through NetGalley, and I have to say I am looking forward to being each time more active in writing reviews; it is addictive!

Ok, so I again have mixed feelings about a book…

It is not the story that is poor. No, it is not, it is a great plot. And it was also well written. However, I must say that I struggled to read this book from the very beginning, and I normally don´t. 

The book starts with the death of William Rufus, the king, and all the suspicions around it – was it really accidental? 

This happening is the background that will guide Hilary the Englishman, a clerk in Holy Orders and a tutor, many years later, into a dangerous adventure with his old teacher Peter Abelard – who had also put himself through a very unpleasant path, in parallel. 

So going on the plot, Hilary had been dismissed of his position as the teacher of a young lady when she dies of a fever, and had nowhere to go. On his way away from the family properties, he stopped at a tavern to eat and spend the night and there he met John of Muchelney, who asks Hilary to deliver a message to a Count on his behalf – and this encounter would be the trigger for the above-mentioned adventure.

Hilary then rushed to find his former teacher (Peter Abelard), hoping he could help him go through all this mess that his life had become after meeting John of Muchelney. Peter of course joined Hilary in this endeavor, and the entire book describes their findings and adventures, sometimes with a happy ending and sometimes with a sad one.

It is a book that has many historical details, so expect to take longer to read it because you need time to absorb all of them – and I am not saying it is hard to do so, because it was very interesting for me since I love History. However, it is tough: some parts of the book are very dynamic, and real page-turners, but others are not, and those are the ones that made me struggle – specially because the book has some new information once in a while, and you can get a bit lost.

My overall impression is that it is a good book. Not too good, though. I would mention I did not think the title was coherent enough: I do not think it is fair not to mention Hilary in it – Peter Abelard is not that more important than Hilary after all.

Also, this is not a book I would freely recommend; people who love reading and have a more dynamic pace would not enjoy it properly, I suppose.

However, if you like slow readings, a lot of History references and doesn´t mind going back and re-reading some passages once in a while, this book is perfect for you!

Hope you all have a great week!!!

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