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Today I have decided that I am rating the books I read here in my blog too, what do you think?

So, I have just finished reading The Night Stalker, from Robert Bryndza, gently provided to me by NetGalley, and I can´t wait to share it with you! photo.jpgOnce again Erika Foster drives us through a page-turner thriller, smartly written and full of surprises!

I must say I felt like reading a Criminal Minds episode; actually I was just waiting for Dr. Reid to appear on the scene lol!

In this thriller, Erika Foster is called in a crime scene where the dead body of a GP is found naked, on his bed, with a suicide bag on his head, showing his bulged eyes underneath the plastic surface. Although shocking, many were the investigation lines for this murder, but things start to change when a second body is found under similar circumstances – and they realize they are dealing with a serial killer, although they cannot determine the connection between those deaths at this point.

So I ask you: do you believe the bad guys are born this way or are they made throughout their lives due to the circumstances? How deep can the environment we live in contribute to our actions and to form our character?

This book is, once again, a masterpiece from Mr. Bryndza: well-written, extremely well-structured and it has deep characters, what makes the plot much more complete and interesting, in my opinion. I adore Erika Foster and I just hope she gets a promotion soon, because she really deserves it! lol

I give it 4 stars out of 5, simply because I was able to know who the killer was before it was revealed – but I assure you that even though it is easier to guess who the murder is, the book does not get less interesting!

You should really give it a try!

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The Night Stalker, by Robert Bryndza – 4/5


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