Hello, there!

It´s been a while since my last post, but I have been busy and took more than usual to finish this amazing book, kindly provided by NetGalley in Exchange for a review!

Charley is a young girl who is part of a book club called The Agathas, after Agatha Christie. They read mostly thrillers on their meetings, and when a series of murders start happening at their town they feel like participating in a live investigation, just like the books they read.

I will say that Charley irritated me a bit in the beginning, and that Marc was too predictable; I also believe there are some other characters that could have been more explored. However, this doesn´t imply on the quality of the plot itself.

I liked this book very much and rate it 5 out of 5 stars because it is a very complete book: it has a bit of romance to lighten things up a bit; it has a mystery, of course, and the end is indeed revealing.

I do recommend it, especially for younger folks, and I believe it is a light and fun reading for a colder day, with a nice cappuccino and a piece of chocolate cake – at least this is how I wanted to have read it, but since in Madrid summer is really hell on earth, I read my copy with a glass of freezing Coke lol!

Hope you have a chance to read it, and see you on the next chapter! (And please check my Boostagram for more: @mypapertrips)


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