As I finished The Perfect Descent, by Jessica Holbrook, I instantly entered an abstinence stage. No kidding.

I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review. I indeed took a lot of time to read it, but due to personal issues… although I would love to make a living out of writing reviews, duty called as I got a new job (yeah!!!) and I had to avoid pursuing this – for now! So, as I was saying, when things got a bit more stable at my new job, I could go back to my normal rhythm, and OMG, I could not stop until I tried to turn the last non-existing page more than 10 times.

How far and how deep would you go for revenge? How meticulous would you be in order to punish the ones who made you suffer?

The plot is around Deacon, an ex-marine and ex-mercenary, hired to be the bodyguard of Madison, the only daughter of the Benchley couple, multimillionaires who died, murdered, many years ago. Right after Deacon starts working for the Benchley family, one of her brothers and his girlfriend are brutally murdered.

Short after this episode, Madison suffers her first murder attempt, and then the story goes with a lot of murders, intrigues, dark business and conspiracy theories.
“The Perfect Descent” is one of those books you just cannot stop reading. It has everything: suspense, romance, tension, remorse, anger, etc. I was sad when I finished it and I do recommend it to all of you guys who enjoy an intense reading.
Looking forward for Jessica´s next work.

Professional Reader