Hello, there!
Hope you are all excited about this new year that is about to begin! I certainly am! 2016 was harsh; we lost many talented souls and the world has been through a lot of violence… this is why I am hopeful for what´s coming next!
This post is actually a help request lol.

I am not sure if I wrote this before, but I am Brazilian, and I have been living here in Spain for a bit more than one year and a half now. Although Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish have their similarities, I still do not feel comfortable to write in Spanish – this is why I write all my reviews in English, even if the book I read was in Spanish.
That said, I tried to create a Book Club here in Madrid for discussions in English, but only one person was interested – and of course, I do not have many friends here, and most of the (few) ones I have do not speak English. =(
So I decided to post this to see if anyone that is living here in Madrid would like to start this book club with me! I even talked to a big library that is willing to book a room (for free) for the meetings.
If anyone knows anyone, would you please share?
Please help this not-so-young girl!!!!! Lol
See you soon!

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