Hi guys!

How are you? Hope you are all doing great!

Today I have read a message in one of the discussions group I participate in Goodreads, and I thought it was worth sharing, since it is soooo interesting!

Dennis Meredith sent a link to the below picture, about many different punctuations marks that are no longer used – what a pity!


I thought they are very interesting, and it would be nice to use some of them, don´t you think? Sometimes, when I want to express some very specific feeling, I search for a punctuation mark that does not exist – well, I thought they didn´t exist.

Please find the website here: http://mentalfloss.com/article/59071/little-known-punctuation-marks-national-punctuation-day, with the credits of the picture as well.

Actually, I have been navigating through this website, and I must say it has some really interesting stuff!

Hope you like it!