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I need to thank NetGalley and Quercus for giving me the opportunity to meet Rosie Gilmour. I would really like to be her friend, in real life. No kidding!
Rosie is a reporter from the Post, and she is covering the apparent suicide of a very famous model – Bella Mason, that happened in a hotel in Madrid. However, Rosie feels this does not feel like a suicide and that some parts of the puzzle just do not fit right.
To add more spice to it, Millie Chambers, the wife of a very important politician, was in that hotel that very night, and she is the only one who can shed some light to all the investigations – but this is far from being an easy task to be done.
Everything comes to its peak when Mitch and Dan come on the scene, and more secrets are revealed. Together with Rosie, Millie Chambers and the lovely Bridget, they become a kind of a league to find the truth about Bella´s death and expose many other criminals, its shameful crimes and network.
Kill Me Twice is not only a thriller… It of course has its plot built around Bella Mason´s death, and it is very well written. Nevertheless, it also touches very sensitive issues such as drugs, political scandals, corruption, child abuse, etc. A book made me think of many situations I have seen on the news, and I was able to relate all of the passages of the book to the real world. This was creepy, but awesome, if you know what I mean.
I would (and certainly will) read more of Anna Smith´s books, especially those with Rosie Gilmour – I get attached to the characters, I confess.
Hope you get a chance to read this amazing book, and see you on the next trip!
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