Today I want to share with you the review of Kith & Kin, by Sophie Bowns. Sophie approached me and asked me to review her book and I gladly accepted, so here it is.

I do not believe I have cried this much in a book for a long time; Kith & Kin is an extremely deep book. It disserts about real deep and delicate issues: child abandonment, child abuse, child labor, and all the consequences these traumas can have throughout your life.

It talks about bonds; friendship bonds that can substitute family´s when you are alone in the world. It talks about compassion, companionship and friendship. It talks about kindness.

It is a book that really got me shaken – I noticed I started to pay attention not to waste food on my plate, thinking about John. I counted to 10 before giving a bad answer to my husband thinking about how many times Maira was a spoiled girl… and I reached my friends just to know if they were ok, thinking about Caine. I know these may sound foolish, but I swear it was the effect this book had on me.

If I could sum up this story in a few words, I believe they would be “try to live always with kindness, and value your true friends and all the blessings you have in life – that are many (as food on your plate, a warm house for you to go through tough winters and health)”.

Indeed there are some parts that could be improves; I am not sure whether Scarlett died or not, because there is a part that she seems to be alive again, but then Mr. Duce says something about her grave. And also there are some spelling mistakes, but overall it is fine.

Thank you, Sophie, for the book made me a better person (if not for a long time, at least for a week). I hope to always remember John McGrath and all the things he taught me (and the ones he reminded me of) on the last 4 days. And please let us know John´s fate asap!!!

Hope you guys have a chance to go through it!
See you soon

Professional Reader