As I finished reading Eustacia´s Secret: A Love Story, by David Bennett Laing, last night, I must say that it is indeed a book with a soul, as someone wrote on its review.

Darcy is a very cult teenager, and as an only child, he was educated at home by his mother and father. Stanford is also a cult teenager, also an only child, but he has always suffered prejudice at school for being a transgender, especially because of the Jamaican culture, that is not that tolerant.

After an incident with two boys that tried to molest “her”, Stanford´s parents decided it would be best if he was to move to the USA and attend to school there. Since his dad and Darcy´s dad had been best friends in the past, Stanford moves to Darcy´s house as Eustacia, and only Darcy´s parents, the school principal and the school nurse knew the truth.

As time goes by, Darcy and Eustacia fall madly in love with each other, and then the story goes.

It is indeed a story of true love, and I believe all transgender and homossexual people should be treated with the same respect as shown in the book; after all, we are all human beings.

The plot is very well constructed and written, and of course it is impossible not to support Darcy and Eustacia´s romance.

However, I just missed a bit of drama; everything seems to be too good to be true: Stanford´s parents´ acceptance of his transgender condition, Darcy´s reaction when he finally finds out, and Darcy´s parents´ acceptance of the romance, and so on. It is utopic, unfortunately, but the whole story seemed too fanciful with all these acceptances – maybe I am being negative?

Anyway, despite the fact that everything runs too smooth, it is a great story, and again I reassure that I wished, from the bottom of my heart, that all minorities were treated respectfully, independent of their sexual choices, skin color and religion.

I suggest everyone gave it a try and read Eustacia´s Secret: A Love Story. You won´t regret it!

Professional Reader