Copy kindly sent to me through NetGalley.

Claire is the exact reproduction of a teacher we have all had once in our lives: caring, loving, many times maternal, and interested in her students.

Lorna is the almost exact reproduction of a student/colleague we have all met once in our lives: dissimulated, a liar, but with many family problems that might justify her behavior.
Their paths cross when Lorna steals a scented rubber and breaks it in a million pieces “to share” it with the other children that could not have it. Although stealing is wrong, Claire focused on the poor little girl´s intention – to share with other children. However, Lorna´s mother did not seem to agree, and slapped the girl on the face after leaving school with her that day, after a chat to the principal about the happening.

After this episode, Claire starts paying special attention to Lorna, trying to make the girl get along with the other children, but with no success. Claire then asked the principal to call the mother once again to school, and the mother, when talking to Claire in private, confided that Lorna was a bad person, that she lied about serious things.

Claire of course did not believe her for a second, and then the story flows to Claire leaving town with Lorna after Claire´s mother died, and they formed a little family.

As time went by, they had a new member with them – Marianne, and things started to change between Lorna and Claire.

Until the shocking end.

To be honest, I had seen it coming; it reminded me very much of Case 39, and I was sure of many things throughout the plot. In any case, I was surprised with some details in the end, and the final two pages made me flip out.

For all of those who are fans of a psychological thriller: please read this book. It is ccccrrrraaaaaaaazy!

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