It took him a few pages, but Dave Goldman finally got me stuck to this plot and made me almost eat the book.

I confess that in the beginning I could also not stand to Bishop Regan’s sense of humor, but it turns out that in the end he has been my favorite character! 😀The Chartreuse Clue.jpg

As per the plot, it is good: Barbara’s body is discovered with a knife into her back by her “boyfriend” Charles (or would it be William?), who happens to be also a priest. He then reaches to the Bishop for help, and it happens that the Bishop has a private detective as his personal assistant – lucky guy this Charles, I’d say.

The Bishop agrees to help Charles upon his promise that he hasn’t really had anything to do with the murder – and then the investigation begins.

The story was different from everything I have ever read, and the fact that Bishop Regan also helps investigating was one of the most interesting parts to me. I confess that the beginning was a bit tough for me, but after a few pages I was totally convinced by the story. Sometimes even I got irritated by Dave and his sense of humor, let’s say, peculiar.

So I recommend this book and I will also want to read the next mysteries that Bishop Regan and Dave will solve.

Happy reading everyone!