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April 2017

Dying Games (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #6), by Steve Robinson

Hey, guys!!!

How deep are you willing to go for a revenge? Continue reading “Dying Games (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #6), by Steve Robinson”


Hacked (Tucker Mystery #4), by Ray Daniel

Hacked (Tucker Mystery #4), by Ray Daniel

What would you do if a close family member suffered an online life ruin? I might say you would try to find out who did it, right? And what would you do if this “hunt” led you into murder scenes, divorce of family members and other unpleasant situations, having you as the center of the turmoil? Continue reading “Hacked (Tucker Mystery #4), by Ray Daniel”

Death in the Castle, by Pearl S. Buck

Sir Richard and Lady Mary find themselves in a difficult situation: the big castle they leave in, together with its fields, is too expensive to be maintained and they need to sell it. Their options are few: a prison or a power plant, but they do not like any of them. Continue reading “Death in the Castle, by Pearl S. Buck”

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