Sir Richard and Lady Mary find themselves in a difficult situation: the big castle they leave in, together with its fields, is too expensive to be maintained and they need to sell it. Their options are few: a prison or a power plant, but they do not like any of them.

This is when Mr. Blayne appears; he is a potential buyer for the castle, but under a strange condition: he wants to take the Castle to Connecticut – rebuild it there and make a museum out of it. Sir Richard and Lady Mary change their minds every 3 paragraphs, and Kate, the butler’s daughter, is absolutely against this sale.

I had read 85% of this book and the first murder had not yet been committed. This was the first thing that disappointed me. I should also mention that the book is shallow. In many times you believe the story will have a deeper turn, but it hasn’t. Everything is too cliché, and I really did not like it, with all due respect to the Nobel-winning author.

This book should definitely NOT be in the thriller/mystery section, as it is an almost-romance one.

Unfortunately I do not recommend it.


Professional Reader