Hacked (Tucker Mystery #4), by Ray Daniel

What would you do if a close family member suffered an online life ruin? I might say you would try to find out who did it, right? And what would you do if this “hunt” led you into murder scenes, divorce of family members and other unpleasant situations, having you as the center of the turmoil?

51Qvoxa8DmL._AC_AA218_This is what happened to Tucker when Maria, his niece, got “life ruined” online. After finding out that Maria’s Facebook account had been hacked, he decided to take over a personal investigation to find out who had done it and make this person apologize online – if not, he would expose the identity of this bully (a serious threat for any hacker).

Tucker was able to find out who did it almost instantaneously, and right after he contacted the hacker and convinced him to apologize in a video in order to have his ID preserved, this hacker is found decapitated. From this event on, Tucker’s life becomes a mess, and he sees himself in the middle of more serious investigations, including the FBI.

It is a fast-read; NetGalley kindly gave me this copy, and I need to say you cannot stop turning the pages, because the story is well constructed and well written. I myself knew who the killer was way before the end, but anyway I recommend it. Now I need to read the other 3 Tucker Mystery books J

Hope you all have a lovely Easter, and please read this book, you will not regret it.

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