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How deep are you willing to go for a revenge?

And which would be the trigger point for you to calculate a master revenge plan – developed inch by inch, names chosen carefully, and murder methods meticulously planned? Everything knitted in a way that there are no loose ends, and you suddenly see yourself in the middle of a tornado, having no idea of how you were put in there in the first place.

Jefferson Tayte saw himself in this very situation on “Dying Games”, and thanks to NetGalle51oXpj-8ZIL.jpgy and Thomas & Mercer, I was able to dive deep inside an avenger’s mind and participate in Tayte’s attempts to stop this serial killer from attacking a new victim.

It all started when Tayte received a call from the FBI summoning him back to Washington DC to help them with an investigation – two twin brothers had been found dead, and the killer had left a family history chart at the crime scene. What Tayte did not know was that those were not the first victims of a killer that had a peculiar taste for his targets: they or their family members were all connected to Tayte’s genealogic works in some way.

From that moment on, Tayte and the FBI had to work faster than the killer in order to save them.

The book is a page-turner, in all the senses of this expression. I was tense while reading it, and it reminded me a lot of Saw, with all the architecture behind the crimes and their executions. The rage the killer had against JT is also explored in details and in depth, what makes the plot intelligent and interesting.

I do recommend this book, and I would certainly buy it as a gift to someone who enjoys intelligent thriller plots.

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