Victims and/or survivors of very stressful situations such as wars or even abuses suffer the consequences of these events in a way most of us will probably never fully understand. Also, they will probably carry those scars through their entire lives (through a PTSD or scars from a suicide attempt, for example).32508323.jpg

In Wicked Games, 2 victims of different types of violence meet under even more violent situations, and they see in one another the chance they have to start over. But if you are waiting for a romance, sorry to disappoint you. This book will touch you in your wound, and will play with your emotions in a way that I doubt another book could.

China has been abused for years by a group of “dirty bastards”, and from one of these abuses she gave birth to Rose. Rose was taken away from her, and she is afraid she would have the same destiny as her – a life of abuses and humiliation. China decides then that it is about time she rescued Rose and ran away to start a new life in a sunny place.

Jak Hart (without a c and an e) crosses her path after being hired by one of China’s rapists to kill someone else. He suffers from a severe PTSD, and although China saw him as her savior, as her chance to running away alive, he has other plans for himself and simply leaves China to her fate.

However, a few hours later, he finds out that the same men that hired him as a hitman are the ones that have been abusing China, and worse: they are all pedophiles.

Jak decides to turn back and help China, and from this moment on it is pure adrenaline until the last page.

Andrew Field uses no metaphors to describe the pedophiles and their actions, as well as the abuses suffered by China, or the traumas Jak carries with him, and I believe it is just the way it happens in the real world: it is raw, salvage, bad and dirty, and unfortunately, in many times, the ones that were supposed to protect us from these things are the ones most involved in them, promoting and financing them, generating a lot of suffer into innocent people’s lives.

A fiction work that unfortunately could have been based in real facts.

A big thank you to Andrew Field, who kindly sent me a reviewer copy of this book with a very kind note. Wish you a lot of success! And in case you ever turn this book into a movie, can you please have Claire Danes as Sophie Deeks?


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