** Sequence of Wicked Games **
In the end, it is all about money. Everything. Ethics, favors and people: all can be bought, it all depends on the price you are willing to pay.

Frank King was flying his helicopter when he spots a body floating on the sea. When he and his team land to rescue the body, they realize it should be Sophie Deeks, a former police offices who got involved in sexual scandals in the corporation, specially after she gave up pressing charges against her ex-husband Harry Wade (also a police officer) for paedophilia.
Her death indirectly joins Jak Hart, Veronica Turner, Frank King, Harry Wade, Michael Truth and Gerry Pitt, and each one has their own interest in each other: directly or indirectly – money.
In Mind Games, Andrew Field keeps on exploring this dirty and evil side of the human being: greed. The ones that were thought to be on control are actually being manipulated, and the end is completely unpredictable.
Another tough book. A book that makes you think, and that unfortunately reflects things that happen in the real world. I honestly hope that in End Games we get to know what happened to Jak Hart!
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