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First of all, I would like to thank NetGalley once again for another spectacular book!

The book starts describing a series of abuses, violence and even a murder, leaving a child without his family several years ago.

Many years later, a black girl’s body is found in the woods of a city, and although the authorities state that the girl has run away from home and had an accidental, the reporter Nell McGraw believes the girl has been murdered.32284024

As soon as she starts to investigate, several murders start to happen in the city, all of them with sexual assaults. As if it couldn’t get worse, one night Nell was woken up by her cellphone, and as she answered it, she had an unpleasant surprise: it was no one less than the murder.

She sees herself, then, involved with the murders, both as a witness and as a victim. She starts to worry about her children and her friends, and the murder turns out to be a surprise to everyone.

I must say I was able to discover the murderer of this plot, but I confess during many passages of the story I was in doubt about the murderers’s identity.

To be really honest, I myself got scared of sleeping alone a couple of nights after I read the book, lol. I was afraid to receive the murderer’s call!!!

I highly recommend this book, really. The story is very well constructed, Nell is a deep character, and the end is really surprising. A great book!


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