Hola, chicos!

This weekend I have finished the last book of this trilogy, and although I read it in Spanish, it is available in many languages.

I have bought these books out of curiosity, and also because I wanted to read in Spanish to improve my vocabulary. To be honest I picked the first book up randomly at a supermarket, and I have to say it has been one of the best choices I have EVER made randomly.

On the second book, Amaia (who is now pregnant) is requested at the trial of one of the murders of the first book, and just as the trial started, everybody was shocked to know the murder had killed himself.

After this episode, many other suspects start killing themselves, what leads Amaia into a new investigation right after her son is born.


The investigations lead to her mother, and she will have to face many of her childhood traumas and dreams, but none of them come close to her biggest challenge: to face her mother again.

To say this book is a page-turner is a lie; I almost ate this book! And my nails. lol

It is impossible to stop, and I must confess I had troubles sleeping after reading this one. Totally intense, characters deeply built and a plot that keeps you connected until the last dot.

I am really hoping they make a movie out of this one, too.

Happy reading, guys! And hasta luego!


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