Hello everyone

I am pretty sad today… I have finished reading the last book of the Trilogía del Baztán on Saturday, and I simply can’t start another book yet… Does this happen to you?

As I had said before, I have not received this book from anyone, I bought it myself because I liked the description, and it was a sweet surprise.

In this last book, the real truth behind the murders in Elizondo comes to the surface, and for more ironic that this can be, the truth is so deep and so frightening that you will finish the book like me, begging for a 4th one.


Amaia is called to action after a baby girl is murdered by her father, and rumors of this murder being related to satanic rituals make Amaia start an investigation that will go back to when she was just a baby, and all the truth about her past start to be revealed.

This last book is the deepest ones, because it goes to the bones of the entire story. It dives deep into Amaia’s head, it analyzes her relationships, her traumas, her fears and her beliefs. It talks about old rituals and it mixes Catholicism with Pagan celebrations, and  you feel like the world is so much more complex than we will ever imagine.

I finished this trilogy wanting to go to the Basque Country so I can feel the energy I felt while reading this book.

Completely amazing what Dolores Redondo was able to make with her creation.

Hope you all have a chance to read it, as it comes in many different languages.

A great weeked to all of you, from someone who is literally with a post-reading depression lol!


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