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El guardián invisible (Trilogía del Baztán, #1) , by Dolores Redondo

Hello, everyone!

I am in love with this book and I cannot accept the fact that I have finished it! D:
The good part is that it is the first book of a trilogy, so it means I have 2 more books to read!



Amaia Salazar is a police inspector who is put in charge of an investigation of a series of murders in Elizondo, her hometown. Young girls are being murdered and their bodies displayed as if they were images of purity and sanctity.

Once Amaia goes back to Elizondo to conduct the investigation, she automatically goes back to her traumas and to unsolved family issues, and she has to deal with both her inner struggles and the case’s particular characteristics. Continue reading “El guardián invisible (Trilogía del Baztán, #1) , by Dolores Redondo”

Perdition (A Nell McGraw Investigation #2), by R. Jean Reid

Hey everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank NetGalley once again for another spectacular book!

The book starts describing a series of abuses, violence and even a murder, leaving a child without his family several years ago.

Many years later, a black girl’s body is found in the woods of a city, and although the authorities state that the girl has run away from home and had an accidental, the reporter Nell McGraw believes the girl has been murdered. Continue reading “Perdition (A Nell McGraw Investigation #2), by R. Jean Reid”

The Gentleman Shopkeeper: A Mystery Novel, by D.V. Haynes

This book was kindly provided to me by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.

Mr. Crackery is a very polite and formal English man who runs a store in England. One day he went to his store and, as he parked on his usual spot, he got his car wheel clamped, and the man would only release his car upon the payment of a 30 pounds fine. While they were arguing, the man died, and afraid of being charged with murder, Mr. Crackery decides to investigate by himself. Continue reading “The Gentleman Shopkeeper: A Mystery Novel, by D.V. Haynes”

Mind Games, by Andrew Field

** Sequence of Wicked Games **
In the end, it is all about money. Everything. Ethics, favors and people: all can be bought, it all depends on the price you are willing to pay.

Continue reading “Mind Games, by Andrew Field”

Wicked Games, by Andrew Field

Victims and/or survivors of very stressful situations such as wars or even abuses suffer the consequences of these events in a way most of us will probably never fully understand. Also, they will probably carry those scars through their entire lives (through a PTSD or scars from a suicide attempt, for example). Continue reading “Wicked Games, by Andrew Field”

Dying Games (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #6), by Steve Robinson

Hey, guys!!!

How deep are you willing to go for a revenge? Continue reading “Dying Games (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #6), by Steve Robinson”

Hacked (Tucker Mystery #4), by Ray Daniel

Hacked (Tucker Mystery #4), by Ray Daniel

What would you do if a close family member suffered an online life ruin? I might say you would try to find out who did it, right? And what would you do if this “hunt” led you into murder scenes, divorce of family members and other unpleasant situations, having you as the center of the turmoil? Continue reading “Hacked (Tucker Mystery #4), by Ray Daniel”

Death in the Castle, by Pearl S. Buck

Sir Richard and Lady Mary find themselves in a difficult situation: the big castle they leave in, together with its fields, is too expensive to be maintained and they need to sell it. Their options are few: a prison or a power plant, but they do not like any of them. Continue reading “Death in the Castle, by Pearl S. Buck”

The Chartreuse Clue, by William F. Love

It took him a few pages, but Dave Goldman finally got me stuck to this plot and made me almost eat the book.

I confess that in the beginning I could also not stand to Bishop Regan’s sense of humor, but it turns out that in the end he has been my favorite character! 😀 Continue reading “The Chartreuse Clue, by William F. Love”

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