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Hacked (Tucker Mystery #4), by Ray Daniel

Hacked (Tucker Mystery #4), by Ray Daniel

What would you do if a close family member suffered an online life ruin? I might say you would try to find out who did it, right? And what would you do if this “hunt” led you into murder scenes, divorce of family members and other unpleasant situations, having you as the center of the turmoil? Continue reading “Hacked (Tucker Mystery #4), by Ray Daniel”


Death in the Castle, by Pearl S. Buck

Sir Richard and Lady Mary find themselves in a difficult situation: the big castle they leave in, together with its fields, is too expensive to be maintained and they need to sell it. Their options are few: a prison or a power plant, but they do not like any of them. Continue reading “Death in the Castle, by Pearl S. Buck”

The Chartreuse Clue, by William F. Love

It took him a few pages, but Dave Goldman finally got me stuck to this plot and made me almost eat the book.

I confess that in the beginning I could also not stand to Bishop Regan’s sense of humor, but it turns out that in the end he has been my favorite character! 😀 Continue reading “The Chartreuse Clue, by William F. Love”

Bad Little Girl, by Frances Vick

Copy kindly sent to me through NetGalley.

Claire is the exact reproduction of a teacher we have all had once in our lives: caring, loving, many times maternal, and interested in her students.

Lorna is the almost exact reproduction of a student/colleague we have all met once in our lives: dissimulated, a liar, but with many family problems that might justify her behavior.
Their paths cross when Lorna steals a scented rubber and breaks it in a million pieces “to share” it with the other children that could not have it. Although stealing is wrong, Claire focused on the poor little girl´s intention – to share with other children. However, Lorna´s mother did not seem to agree, and slapped the girl on the face after leaving school with her that day, after a chat to the principal about the happening. Continue reading “Bad Little Girl, by Frances Vick”

Eustacia´s Secret: A Love Story, by David Bennett Laing

As I finished reading Eustacia´s Secret: A Love Story, by David Bennett Laing, last night, I must say that it is indeed a book with a soul, as someone wrote on its review.

Darcy is a very cult teenager, and as an only child, he was educated at home by his mother and father. Stanford is also a cult teenager, also an only child, but he has always suffered prejudice at school for being a transgender, especially because of the Jamaican culture, that is not that tolerant. Continue reading “Eustacia´s Secret: A Love Story, by David Bennett Laing”

Kith & Kin, by Sophie Bowns

Today I want to share with you the review of Kith & Kin, by Sophie Bowns. Sophie approached me and asked me to review her book and I gladly accepted, so here it is.

I do not believe I have cried this much in a book for a long time; Kith & Kin is an extremely deep book. It disserts about real deep and delicate issues: child abandonment, child abuse, child labor, and all the consequences these traumas can have throughout your life. Continue reading “Kith & Kin, by Sophie Bowns”

Kill Me Twice, by Anna Smith

Hey, guys!
I need to thank NetGalley and Quercus for giving me the opportunity to meet Rosie Gilmour. I would really like to be her friend, in real life. No kidding!
Rosie is a reporter from the Post, and she is covering the apparent suicide of a very famous model – Bella Mason, that happened in a hotel in Madrid. However, Rosie feels this does not feel like a suicide and that some parts of the puzzle just do not fit right.
To add more spice to it, Millie Chambers, the wife of a very important politician, was in that hotel that very night, and she is the only one who can shed some light to all the investigations – but this is far from being an easy task to be done.
Everything comes to its peak when Mitch and Dan come on the scene, and more secrets are revealed. Together with Rosie, Millie Chambers and the lovely Bridget, they become a kind of a league to find the truth about Bella´s death and expose many other criminals, its shameful crimes and network.
Kill Me Twice is not only a thriller… It of course has its plot built around Bella Mason´s death, and it is very well written. Nevertheless, it also touches very sensitive issues such as drugs, political scandals, corruption, child abuse, etc. A book made me think of many situations I have seen on the news, and I was able to relate all of the passages of the book to the real world. This was creepy, but awesome, if you know what I mean.
I would (and certainly will) read more of Anna Smith´s books, especially those with Rosie Gilmour – I get attached to the characters, I confess.
Hope you get a chance to read this amazing book, and see you on the next trip!
Oh, and please check my blog for more reviews!

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Desert Hunt, by K.S.R. Menon

Hey, everyone!

Desert Hunt is a must-read for all of those who enjoy a well-written book.

I kindly received a copy from K.S.R. Menon himself, and I couldn’t be happier right now.

Richly detailed, Desert Hunt takes us to the innards of Al Qaeda, introduces us to the dark relations between different terrorist cells, and also imply a few uncertainties between the Intelligence Service of a few countries.

It also explores the reason why many people end up as “terrorists”, and presents us a very human and raw view of how so many people from the Middle East suffer with extremism and violence.

Although Desert Hunt has a very dynamic plot, it has many delicate passages in not only on the terrorism-wise issue, but also on the anti-terrorism one. A very up-to-date book, well-written, and I am dying for a sequel.

Hope you have the opportunity to read it!

See you soon!

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Punctuation Marks

Hi guys!

How are you? Hope you are all doing great!

Today I have read a message in one of the discussions group I participate in Goodreads, and I thought it was worth sharing, since it is soooo interesting!

Dennis Meredith sent a link to the below picture, about many different punctuations marks that are no longer used – what a pity! Continue reading “Punctuation Marks”

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